Lawn Care Services


Part of what ensures that you have a healthy, attractive lawn is the care and maintenance that is put into it. That's why at Wierzba Lawn Care and Property Maintenance, LLC we're committed to providing exceptional lawn care services to commercial and residential clients throughout Blytheville, AR and beyond. We offer a wide range of lawn care services that includes mowing, trimming, edging and even power washing and gutter cleaning services. Whatever your outdoor space needs to look it's best, we're on it! Take a moment to learn more about our services below. To recieve a free estimate, call us today at (870) 819-5150.

We offer one-time, weekly and bi-weekly services!

Residential lawn care

Residential lawn care services is our speciality here at Wierzba Lawn Care and Property Maintenance, LLC. We tailor our services to your unique requests and offer our services on a weekly, bi-weekly or one-time visit.

Commercial lawn care

Keeping a beautiful commercial front is important to any business. After all, it speaks volumes about your company to potential customers. Let Wierzba provide execptional commercial lawn care services you can rely on!


Mowing. It's a mudane taks for sure but one that is vital to the look of your outdoor space. We offer expert mowing services we provide on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. Need just a one-time mowing session? We're on it! Whatever you need to keep your yard in shape, we can do it!

Trimming services

Leave it to Wierzba Lawn Care and Property Maintenance, LLC to trim your hedges, smaller trees and bushes with precision and detail. Part of what gives your lawn a uniform, attractive apperance has to do with keeping it's elements trimmed and orderly and that's just what we do.


If you're unfamiliar with edging and it's importance the picture above displays how neat it makes any outdoor space. By having your sideways and driveway edged, you create orderly lines that seprate your grass from these concrete surfaces.

Spring and Fall clean-up services

When it's time for spring and fall clean-up services, we're the team you want to call! We provide lead blowing services, pick-up fallen branches and debris to leave your outdoor space looking it's best year-round!

Power washing and gutter cleaning services

In addition to our lawn care services, we also offer power washing and gutter cleaning services when you need it most! Tired of seeing your gutters clogged with leaves? We'll blow them away....literally. Dirty driveway and home siding? Let us blast away the grime with our pressure washing services.

Lawn treatments & more

Here at Wierzba Lawn Care and Property Maintenance, LLC we don't just make your lawn look nice---we optimize it's health, too. From core aeration treatments to de-thatching, we do it all to help you maintain a healthy, green lawn you'll love.


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